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Equipment and textiles for stage:

HOAC Schweisstechnik GmbH
Aluminium constructions for theatre
and events, risers, turntables, trusses.
A. Haussmann GmbH
Special paint for decor and stage,
weave fillers, coating, fire protection.
Wilhelm Westholt GmbH
Extra wide textiles for stage,
effect materials, projection screens, floorings.
Räder- Busch GmbH
Wheels, castors, transport equipment, hinges
Gerriets GmbH
Track systems, acoustic solutions,
stage textiles, screens, dance floors.
Cast C. Adolph & RST Distribution GmbH
Rigging attachments, wheels
and castors, cord, wire and ropes
Grossmann Manufaktur für Theatermalerei e.K
High quality brushes and
tools for theatre painting
C.G.G Schönfeld GmbH
Special woven products for stage,
made of natural fibres.
Johanna Daimer Filze
All types of wool felt

Equipment and accessories for costume:

Klaus Schreck GmbH
Classical ballet tricots and stretch materiales
Leather for stage and costumes
K&R Lembert KG
Historical hats
Atelier Renato & Co
Feathers, boas, feather-decoration and wigs
KauPo Plankenhorn e.K.
Siliconekautschuk and polyurethane

Theatre planning and restoration:

Blue Node GmbH
Misto ART
Production planning & scheduling tool