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Createx is generally regarded as Northern Europe’s most experienced and efficient supplier for theatre, film and event productions.

Our key area of activity is technical equipment and textiles for stage and costumes.

When it comes to project planning and supervision of production, our wide international network and wide experience will prove invaluable to customers of all sizes.

About us


During many years, Createx has been cooperating with the most innovative suppliers for Stage technology and decoration.

We have arranged several workshops and excursions, to share knowledge and to build up network between the theatres.

Createx offers competent consulting, and excellent delivery service, to guarantee the best solution for the stage production. It is important for us to be a real source of new ideas, also make the best economical result for the performance.

Our company was established in Norway in 1986. At the beginning we focused on costume textiles, ballet textiles, historical hats, historical shoes, and feathers. Createx began to build up a wide network to the theatres, opera houses, television- and film studios in the entire North and the Baltic states, even in Russia.

Later Createx expanded with stage textile manufacturing, dyeing of materials, bleaching and flame proofing. In addition to this, stage flooring, track systems, technical equipment, transport wheels for stage and theatre paint.

Stage technology was then completed with aluminium constructions, platforms, risers, turntables, truss systems and special stage constructions.

As people are saying – Createx is always on stage!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.