Createx has, for many years, been cooperating with the most innovative producers in each area of stage scenery.

We invite you to participate in professional workshops so you can benefit from our experience and the many contacts we have. Through us, set and costume designers have the opportunity to make many new contacts both in Scandinavia and worldwide.

We offer competent consulting and solutions to guarantee you the highest production qualityand an excellent delivery service for your own unique production.

We are proud to say that many of our customers rely on Createx  as ‘a great source of new ideas’.


Our company was established in Norway in 1986 by Hans Friedrich.
By starting to focus on theatre and ballet textiles, ballet shoes and dancing boots, costume manufacturing, feathers, historical hats and historical shoes, Createx began to build up a customer structure of theatres, opera houses, television and film studios in the North of Europe.

In 1989 Createx expanded its set decoration operation with stage textile manufacturing: dyeing, bleaching and flame proofing.
Also stage flooring, technical equipment, transport wheels for stage and theatre paint become a major part of the Createx offering.


Since 1990 Createx arranged workshops together with the suppliers for decoration painters, costume and set designers and prop departments.


1996 was the year where stage technology was completed with aluminium constructions, platforms, risers, turntables, trusses and special stage constructions.


Our administration moved from Norway to Denmark.


2007 was the year when Createx established an office in Northern Germany to operate decoration workshops and provide theatre engineering and renovation for culture buildings in the entire North.


In the years up to 2014 we intensified our activities regarding theatre engineering (stage planning and stage restoration) with a team of excellent theatre engineers.

Today we have our locations in both Denmark and Germany.